About Us

We're a small web consultancy based in Yorkshire, UK. We specialise in helping small businesses and cottage industry outfits set up e-commerce sites and reach customers not just at the farmers market or in their shops, but all over the country and all over the world.

Chances are you've seen our work around. You might know us as the creators of the Premium Shopify Email Templates.

We have been developing websites for almost fifteen years now and we've been working with Shopify since 2011. We have worked on over sixty projects on the Shopify platform. So you could say we know our way around by now.

In the past we have worked on unusual and interesting projects across a range of platforms - sometimes we still do. However our bread and butter these days is Shopify.

It gives us great pleasure to build working relationships with small and medium businesses and to see them blossom and grow with us. We work with you to understand your technical and business problems and provide solutions - whether you're looking for a more professional website, hoping to increase sales or save time and effort managing your online store.

We don't like to rush projects and we are often overbooked, but please do get in touch if you need help with something. We can often solve your problem quicker than you might think.

Stuck on ecommerce? Let us help you out.