Looking To Start Selling In The US?

Repeat the success of your UK Shopify store in other countries

When was the last time you really tried to cater to your international customers? You "do" international shipping but 75% of your orders are from the UK. You know that you've been complacent and you really should do something about it.

Does this sound familiar? Your cart abandonment rates for international orders are sky high. Somehow the US makes up less than 10% of your sales despite having 5x the population of the UK. You have a successful UK store but you've ignored the rest of the world.

You know that you should make a US version of your store but don't know where to start. You've read the guides and the forum posts but are overwhelmed. It's bewildering to navigate through the myriad of storefronts, translations, currencies, shipping rate and redirection options. Chances are someone is squatting on the .com domain that you need and you're not sure what the SEO implications might be. Every business is different and you need a strategy in place that can handle the demands of a growing business.

Breakthrough To The Next Level

Wouldn't it be great if you could explode your sales volume while offering a superior level of service to your customers? Your customers expect to shop in their own language and currency. If you're already experiencing success in the UK, regional expansion to other countries is one of the fastest ways to break the 1M per year barrier and beyond. This means high quality, localised and personalised service. Your global expansion needs to be done in a way that works for your business and not a one-size-fits-all.

Shopify Multiple Countries Expansion

Done for you: from strategy to launch

We'll help you expand your Shopify site in to multiple regions. Our service costs £1250 fixed fee. This is a guaranteed fixed price and you will never pay a penny more than this. Additional regions can be added for £500 per country. The typical client starts with the US and Canada before tackling Asia or Oceania.

Every engagement will start with a detailed consultation to determine the best way to smoothly scale your business in to multiple regions.

  • Initial consultation and strategy
  • Creating regional store account if necessary
  • Theme setup
  • Product setup
  • Localisation of currencies, timezones and links
  • Google analytics, payment gateways and your Shopify apps
  • Localisation and SEO setup
  • Launch assistance
  • Import of all your products and content
  • Geotargetting and automatic redirects between the sites
  • 30 days of support following launch